Trying to protect

During WW2, this jewish mother wants to protect her little daughter against their upcoming separation by the germain soldiers. The moment she intends to lift her toddler, she is smashed against the back of her head, by the soldiers gun, falls on her knees and loses conscious.

Trying to protect...

As she sees the train coming, her eyes dwell over the gathered crowd, waiting at the railway station. Knowing where the train will take them, her heart fills with deep sadness and compassion for all. In the same moment, a large Golden Light shines upon all those people and she awares the loving care of a huge Angel. In the upcoming moment, there is panic, crying and shouting. The germains take all children away from their mothers, before forcing hem into the train; destination Ravensbrück.    (wordt vervolgd)

    Vorig leven sessie

    Past life session

    Deep Memory Proces; met dank aan

    Roger Woolger ('Other lives, other selves')